La belle histoire ...


La belle histoire...

After 9 years in Sydney working as GM of le coq sportif Oceania it was obvious for the French guy that I am that Australia was missing something.  

France has a lot of premium fashion labels that Australian would definitely love but it is quite difficult, 16 000 km away, to get access to them. As a result, I started l’Épicerie in October 2017 in order to bring to Australia the best curated French brands. 

In French, l’épicerie is a delicatessen which means you can find a bit of everything and everything you need. This is the concept of my agency but not only... 

Through my travels and my years of experience in the fashion industry it became clear we had to change something. I mean we cannot expect to consume cheap fashion made in atrocious conditions and expect to offer a future to our children. Besides it does not make any sense to buy disposal fashion. I strongly believe in craftsmanship and beautiful products that lasts. Less is more. Therefore I decided to solely focus on sustainable brands with a strong story and unique craftsmanship. Fashion for me is not only about style about also being responsible and  limiting our impact on the environment. This is why at l’Épicerie we only represents ethical brands with a story we like and we believe in. 

The agency started with VEJA. VEJA is a premium fair-trade company making shoes in Brazil with a sustainable approach. Shoes are made from wild rubber from the Amazonia, eco tanned leather, organic cotton, mesh made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, etc. This is one of the leading brands in ethical fashion member of Fashion Revolution. 

Then Armor Lux came in second. Based in Brittany since 1938, Armor Lux is known for the breton stripes tee! Using nautical inspiration, the brand makes authentic product re-known for their comfort and quality.  Armor Lux is what I like to call local  fashion… It makes beautiful products the same way it was made years ago. Nothing has changed... Nonetheless all the cool cats are wearing it! 

Finally few more brands came on board, all sharing the same values we have at l’Épicerie: Gili’s, Maison Labiche, Le Baigneur, and Bleu de Chauffe.

That's only the start but we already have the support of some of the best Australian fashion independent stores (Tuchuzy, Sorry Thanks I Love you, Maple, The Standard Stores, etc.) along with the best majors in the country (The Iconic, Hype DC, or David Jones).

Join the adventure... Et écrivons l'histoire!