How do we choose our brands ?


We based our selection on few but important criteria, beautiful products, great quality, nice brand stories and sustainable way of production.

Why is sustainability so important?

It is the link between all our brands, we truly think that sustainable is the new fashion and that today we should be able to buy clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics etc. and respect the earth in the same time!

Here we will present to you how our brands are sustainable and why they are different than the most of brand you could buy …


First, Veja.

Veja was the first brand of the agency and became a inspiration !

The core of VEJA is composed of three materials: wild rubber, agro-ecological cotton and B-mesh.

The main things is that they don’t claim that they are perfectly ecological, but they work for it, do their best and it is already 99% more than 99% of sneakers brands.


Rubber is used in the sole of every sneaker. But they buy rubber in the Amazon forest, directly from rubber tapper communities, paying a fair price. The Amazon is the only place on Earth where rubber trees grow in the wild. In the Brazilian state of Acre, the seringueiros, rubber tappers, harvest the rubber used in VEJA soles. It helps to fight against deforestation as the Seringueiros prefers to work for us than to cut the trees to raise cattle. Since the beginning of VEJA, 130 tons of wild rubber were purchased since, meaning around 300,000 acres of Amazon forest preserved.


The cotton used on their canvas and linings, is more than organic, it’s agro-ecological, which means that it helps the field to be more productive using principles of plants helping each other’s, without any chemical use and reducing the amount of water. 

Then they also developed the B-Mesh (Bottle-Mesh) which is the first material 100% made out of recycled plastic bottles. It is waterproof and breathable.


Then, armor lux, which make people living since 1938...

The Armor Lux business exist since 1938 in Brittany, since this date, they have always taken care about their employees, their region and their factories that are still in Brittany. Armor Lux has built its reputation on the quality of its products, but more then that they built their development based on ethical value and they are engaged in many sustainable and charity project and try to produce their textile in the best way possible.

They focus their social responsibility on Human rights, protection of the environment and respect of the health of users. Many labels and certifications testify of their strong engagement.

Armor Lux decided more then 10 years ago to produce and sell products made with fair-trade organic cotton with the association Fair Max Havelaar. Their engagement cross the borders, and assure to give better life and work conditions to the cotton producers in Africa and to protect the environment in the same time.



Bleu de Chauffe relies on the made in France. Their partners are involved in the project that encompasses essential and common values and respects ethical and environmental standards. Social and environment values are at the centre of their approach and guide their actions. They claim truly that proximity and traceability of all components help to reduce the carbon footprint. The cutting, fabrication and stitching are hand-made by qualified artisans renowned for their skill, experience and expertise.

Bleu de Chauffe bags are the best example of what handcraft have to offer.

More then that Bleu de chauffe leathers are natural leathers with vegetal tanning agents. Vegetal tanning is the process of transforming leathers by means of natural agents: mimosa, chestnut, acacia. Bleu de chauffe tannery in Aveyron takes huge precautions in water treatment. After use, the water is left to settle, then clarified and released into the river just as pure as it was before using. At the end, the artisan sign and date each leather bag he has built and each leather bag is lifetime guarantee… It means that as long as you carry your Bleu de Chauffe Bag you avoid waste and over-consumption …


Le Baigneur working with the most ecological cosmetic label

Le Baigneur wants to make a real contribution to supporting sustainable development. The 100% organic products are made of raw materials from local production, then the human know-how take over.  In this human-sized company, the artisan has his place back and the polluting machine have been forsaken…

Le Baigneur carry the Label Nature et Progres which is the most exigent regarding the sector of organic, ethical and responsive cosmetics.


It is out of coherence and respect for Nature that he has chosen a range of plastic-free packaging, favoring noble and sustainable material. 100% recyclable packaging, made in France and preserving the quality of our products.



And because he is socially and environmentally committed, 1% of his total annual revenues will be donated to the environmental association Surfrider Foundation Europe to support their commitment to the long-term protection of the coast and the ocean. It is a non-profit organization, dedicated to “ defending, saving, improving and managing in a sustainable manner the ocean, coastline, waves and the people who enjoy them ”.

The handmaid embroideries from maison labiche...

Maison Labiche develops their collection in their Parisian studio, where they think about every little detail and in particular regarding the materials they will use, the factories they will hire and the people they will work with. They do their best to do the good choices, this is why they chose natural materials and they work with Portuguese factories they visit really often. To have a clear view on this is for them the key to be sure they will respect the nature and the people who are working for the brand.

Then the heart of the brand are the embroideries, all handmade…

produits-de-qualite Maison Labiche.png